Monday, October 4, 2010

My Cricut Circle blog weekly entry

The challenge this week was to use French Manor and bling or pearls. I was at a local craft store going out of business and they had tissue box covers and I thought I'd like to bling one up for my office. Without further adieu....

Thank you so much for the well wishes on Chip. He is doing much better thank goodness! Back to his onry self! LOL Also my new Imagine machine should be here tomorrow! It's in Ft. Lauderdale as I type and I soooo wanted to run down there today but alas I had to work... :o( All is good because it will be coming to me tomorrow!

Have a wonderful rest of your Monday!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Home tonight...


Unfortunately I don't have any crafts to post today but I wanted to hop on here and do a post anyhow. My oldest pup Chip ended up getting bit by something lastnight and had an allergic reaction so I had to take him to the emergency vet  around 9pm. They gave him two shots and sent us home. He did really well till around 5 or 5:30 tonight when those pesky hives started up again. I gave him some more benadryl and they seemed to have gone down so it's just a wait and see thing now. Hopefully they will not return!

I'm going to try to do both of the challenges on the Cricut Circle blog that were posted yesterday so I should have a couple more things to post this week. One thing of note is that I had to ship my beloved Imagine back to Provo Craft(PC) on Thursday because the update killed it. :o(  Good news is that PC shipped the new one out on Friday so it should be here on Tues!!! Yippee!!! I will be back in action with that bad boy soon!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!! Thanks for stopping by!