Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Not quite the good news I hoped for...

Hi everyone. Sorry it's been so long. I did fall off of the healthy eating plan a bit lately and am just mad at myself now. It could be worse I suppose-I'm only up 1 lb from last Monday but it does sting. I did make a recommitment yesterday though and did great with eating and my workout. I think that is why I took the weigh in this morning kinda hard. Not sure why I stepped on the scale because I said I wasn't going to for 2wks but oh well I did. Time to keep my chin up and move on.

On a lighter note I did get two cards done recently. Now to figure out how to add pics to this thing lol

Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just a quick post

Goodmorning! Feels more like afternoon since I woke up at 4:50am to eat before morning DIRT. I'm back on track with my eating today yippee! I had two rice cakes with peanut butter on them first thing this am to keep it light but give me some protein. Around 9ish I had an egg white omelet with a little cheddar and tomato, onion and green pepper. I also had a small slice of cantaloupe. Pretty good so far I think.

Anyhow hope everyone else is having a great day! Go get em!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ok I'm tired lol

Well day 2 wasn't too bad. I did have a breakdown on the food front already lol. I'm not sure what happened but man was I starving today! I ended up having 3snacks lol and then after an awesome workout at DIRT I stopped at Boston market for dinner because I didn't get the slow cooker going today! Grrr. Not to worry though tomorrow will be better although I had hoped my off trickiness wouldn't happen so soon.

DIRT tomorrow at 6am! I can't wait teven though I feel like i've been hit with a ton of bricks. When Melissa first told me about DIRT and I was just getting into it I remember feeling like this so I just have to push past it and all will be good. Really wish the mole hadn't ruined my first run with DIRT but nothing I can do about that and it was important too. For anyone reading that doesn't know, I had a precancerous mole on my left ankle right where your foot pivots. Knocked me down for an entire month. Wasn't Fu but luckily it's over.

Ok time for me to hit the sack, I have a very early morning tomorrow and I really need rest(not sure that's gonna be a problem lol) later y'all!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Wow what a great first day!

DIRT was fantastic as always. Sorry I forgot to take pic of the board but I can tell you what we did.

20 plank rows
20 overhead squats
20 push press
Lunges (can't remember how far lol)

All that times 4!! Hardcore baby! I did have dinner after I got home and it was pretty good. The house smells great too! The acorns really turned to mush and they tasted like the sweet potatoes so it kinda blended in. The sauce that everything cooked in had a wonderfully sweet but not too sweet effect on the meat- which was so tender! Overall I liked it and so did the guys. I think I'll make it again.

Overall I'd say today was a great first day and I can't wait to see how sore I am tomorrow! LOL goodnight y'all sweet dreams and see you tomorrow!

Xoxox Kim


Just had to post real quick about how yummy my house smells from dinner in the crockpot! Pork roast with veggie (sweet potatoes and acorn squash) yummy!

Day 1

Well here we are. I took the plunge and got on the scale this morning. 151.8 is the number to beat! Kind of disappointing knowing I was at 140 not but about a month ago but hey that's why I'm doing this right? So I'm not discouraged just encouraged to get this thing going.

I had a banana and a small slice of cantaloupe with half a packet of oatmeal for my breakfast this morning along with a cup of one of my fav oolong teas. I think I'm on the right track so far.

I'm feeling great and can't wait for DIRT tonight! Hopefully the rain won't interfere but I've been told DIRT goes on so long as there's no lightening. Should be fun!

Love to you all have a great and healthy day!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Well that was a fun event! $135.50 later with a grand total savings of $0.92! Wow I feel like I need to start clipping coupons again for those prices. Funny thing is that I'm not sure I've seen coupons for much of the stuff I bought lol.

I believe I have an 11 hr workday tomorrow and then DIRT tomorrow at 6:30 in Boca Raton. I'm so thankful that we have a crockpot though it's going to be extremely helpful to me!

Alrighty off to get ready for bed - gonna need to get to bed early for a 6am start! Goodnight everyone!

The day before day 1

If today is the day before day 1 then I guess it would be day 0.

I am finally going to take my health seriously and get back in shape. Course I've not really been in shape before so I guess I can't get back in shape I'll just get in shape lol. Anyhow this blog is kind of like a personal diary that isn't so personal since I'll be sharing my information even if I am embarrased about what I ate or did or didn't do that wasn't so healthy.

I'm ready for the rollercoaster and hope that I'll have the support of my family and friends. So I am going to go get my grocery list together now and shop for my health!

This week we are going to try crockpot recipes that focus on low salt and low fat since alot of salt and fat are not good for you and Chris' doctor told him he needed to consume let sodium too. Wish me luck!