Monday, January 23, 2012

Postings and an apology....

I think about every 6 months or so I go through spurts of saying I'll post and doing it but then I fall off with it. Please accept my apologies and I'm grateful for those who stuck it out with me, thank you!

I was really consumed with my wedding last year and didn't do too much of anything else. The wedding came out just beautiful and when I get to my actual computer I'll share pics. I'm so proud I made the invites in their entirety including hand cutting all the envelopes. The only help I did have was the printer printing the invites after I designed them in photoshop elements. I embossed and chalked our favors, made up individual sheets for each person to sign their well wishes and those pages made our guest book. I know I'm forgetting many things too but I wanted to get this up here now. :0)

Anyhow busy busy year I had in 2011! I already have a couple of crafts to photograph then I'll pop them up here. My teaser is they are for valentines day! :0)

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