Sunday, August 22, 2010

The day before day 1

If today is the day before day 1 then I guess it would be day 0.

I am finally going to take my health seriously and get back in shape. Course I've not really been in shape before so I guess I can't get back in shape I'll just get in shape lol. Anyhow this blog is kind of like a personal diary that isn't so personal since I'll be sharing my information even if I am embarrased about what I ate or did or didn't do that wasn't so healthy.

I'm ready for the rollercoaster and hope that I'll have the support of my family and friends. So I am going to go get my grocery list together now and shop for my health!

This week we are going to try crockpot recipes that focus on low salt and low fat since alot of salt and fat are not good for you and Chris' doctor told him he needed to consume let sodium too. Wish me luck!



  1. Congratulations girlie. I'll always be there to support you, whatever that may be at the time. I know you can do this so I don't even have to wish you luck, but I do anyways cause that's the kind a thing a friend does. Love and miss you so much.

    Dawn Porthouse

  2. Awww thanks hon! You are too sweet. I love and miss you much too!!

  3. you GO girl!


  4. Thanks!! I'm super excited about it. I hope to get Chris on board with the workouts too! Hopefully soon we'll both be where we need to be. :o)

    Love you!

  5. You can do it hon !! Ray and I are here to support you also. You are my inspiration to get fit.. or shall I say.. DIRTY?? LOL... You go girl :) Love ya!! X0X0 Kelly

  6. VERY cool hon!! I'll be posting my workouts too if you'd like to try some to get a feel for getting DIRTy! Lol thank you so much and I'd love to hear how it goes for you guys too! Company is always good hehehe love you! Xoxoxo